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mini biography.

Hello! I’m young student from Cesky Tesin, Czech republic. I’m interested in graphics, coding, photography and interactive, user friendly design. I also like playing floorball or football in my free time. I listen to everything what is attractive for me – I don’t have any favorite genre. My most favorite group is Green Day. I would like to pass my A levels and entrance exams to college in the near future.

Personal informations

Surname, name: Alexa, David
Year of birth: 1991
Residence: Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic


09/02 - 06/10 Gymnázium Český Těšín, příspěvková organizace
09/10 - ČVUT Praha, Fakulta informačních technologií

Language knowledge

English: active use, B2, First Certificate in English (FCE)
German: active use, B1

Working experiences

2006 - single activity (complete or part of web pages)
12/2007 - co-operation with (design, coding)
06/2008 - co-operation with (coding)